About BetterSG

Our vision for a betterSG starts with the very neighbourhoods we live in. We hope to bring people together to design, build and own spaces and solutions within their neighbourhoods, and enable communities to discover their fullest potential through the people they have.
At the end of the day, we aim to:
  • Develop a framework for designers and planners to create with people – as opposed to for people
  • Empower people by giving them the necessary tools and resources to design and build community-owned solutions for their neighbourhoods
  • Build resilient neighbourhoods where each individual plays an active role to better the community
  • Offer opportunities for people to engage in deep, meaningful conversations about their spaces and communities
  • Encourage and enable more small-scale community actions that will contribute positively in making Singapore a better place to live
What does it mean to live in a city that we have not shaped and be amongst spaces we do not feel we own?
The places around us are traditionally designed, planned and managed by a team of experts and public officers. There is limited involvement from those who use, encounter, and know them intimately. We have met people who expect solutions to the problems of urban living to be readily delivered to them, and others who have ideas but are uncertain if what they say or do will have any impact on the decisions made. When we feel that we are not able to give creative, critical input and translate them into action, we cannot cultivate responsibility and ownership towards the eventual outcomes.
We believe that there is an alternative future for Singapore, where designers, planners and policy makers work with everyday people to create places that the latter can own.
We see people not only as consumers but also producers, because every individual has something positive to offer the design process. We want to create sustainable solutions by facilitating them instead of prescribing them, and strong communities where people are able to commit their ideas to action. In short, we believe we can make a better Singapore — or betterSG — by embracing people as part of the solution so that they can truly own the solution.